Discrete timing system for sprinters 


Over 6 million people in the UK run on an average of a least 2 times a week, either recreationally or at a higher level. This shows just how popular running is as a sport and its popularity is only increasing.  

Innovation has been seen in the road running space but little change can be seen elsewhere, especially for track sprinters.

The current commercial timing systems available are either too expensive, inaccurate or require the help of a third party. Track athletes are in need of a new timing system that is not only affordable, but provides accurate times, allowing them to fully take ownership of their athletic development.


The Delta system is a conceptual timing system developed with the unique issues that track athletes face in mind, providing an alternative solution to products currently on the market. It has 3 main benefits:


  • Allows athletes to record accurate training times without relying on a third party or taking excess space on the track 

  • Training times are stored remotely and allow the user to look back on their past performances 

  • Targeted split times can be set and visual feedback is displayed to the user (Full details on the desktop version)


LED panel on the surface of the delta strap will light up either red or green, to indicate to the user if they are on track or behind their set goal

LED Feedback


Hooks attach to the fastening mechanism of the shoe,e.g laces or band, and keep the Delta clip in place. Bottom surface of the hooks as flat and thin as possible to prevent irritation once attached 

fastening hooks

In order to switch on the device, the user must press and hold the on/off button until the LED's turn on, approximately 3 seconds 

elasticated strap

The elasticated strap allows the Delta clip to fit perfectly on a range of different sized shoes and ensures the fit is secure. This also makes the Delta clip easy to remove, allowing the same device to be used in a group setting 


Sensor tape

The Delta tape works in conjunction with the clip to provide accurate lap times. RFID thread used within the tape emits a signal that is registered by the clip when the athlete runs over the tape. This will trigger a lap time to be noted and all the data will be stored on the users account, which can be viewed either on a laptop or phone 

Delta is very easy and users can begin tracking times in 2 easy steps

  • The user attaches the Delta straps to their running shoes and ensures straps are turned on

  • The user places Delta tape at points where they want their times to be taken

and just like that the user is ready to record their runs and have their time's store on their delta account